Meet Doug!

Keynote Speaker Conference MC/Host Workshop Leader Storytelling Trainer Conference Designer

I help clients use the power of Business Storytelling
to drive Sales, Leadership, and Culture.

What I Do


For 20 years I have helped organizations around the world energize and focus their sales force, engage their leaders with each other and their teams, and build more robust cultures. I do this through 3 programs:

Stories Rule!

Stories Rule! is my storytelling company. It helps client organizations be more effective communicators by using business storytelling.

In addition to speaking at conferences, I deliver the best storytelling training in the world from Anecdote in Australia.

The Mark of a Leader

The Mark of a Leader is my leadership and culture company.

I help everyone in an organization understand that they have a role as leaders, and I give them insights and guidance to become better leaders.

Take it FURTHER!

I have produced hundreds of corporate events, The best ones use stories.

With Further I make your conference better using stories. I help you tell a cohesive story around the theme, and work with your presenters to inject stories into their presentations to grab and keep the audience’s attention.

Let me help you take your next conference Further.

How I'm Different

Here are 3 key ways that I am different from other speakers and trainers.


Stories are humans’ most powerful form of communication. I use storytelling in a way that no one else does.

Immersive Experience

I create an unforgettable audience experience using inspiring video and live music. People remember, and they take action.

A Proven Approach

I am a successful entrepreneur who has worked with Fortune 500 executives my whole career. I have produced and spoken at hundreds of conferences. I have a huge repeat client base. What I do works.

Who I Am

I wanted to become a musician, but after getting a music degree, realized I was going to starve. So I opened a communications agency. We were lucky enough to attract some of the world’s best companies as our clients.

We produced hundreds of big conferences and hired dozens of speakers, and I had a big idea how I could improve the “speaker” model. So I became a leadership speaker. My program, The Mark of a Leader, helped clients at all levels of an organization become better leaders.  Audiences around the world loved it. Still do.

It was all story-based. After my events, clients started asking me to help them become better storytellers, so I opened Stories Rule! to focus on storytelling.

I use live music in both programs so the time at music school wasn’t wasted…

Which gets us back to music. Great songs tell stories that grab us. They draw us in and keep our attention. They make us laugh, cry, evaluate the world around us, and even clarify who we are and what we want from life.

That’s what I try to do with everyone in every audience I work with.

Storytelling Samples

I have 100+ video stories, musical interactions, and audience experiences in my library. Here are a few samples – live and virtual.  You can see more on the Stories Rule! YouTube channel here!

Live Samples

Virtual Samples

Client Testimonials

Watch and listen to industry leaders and professionals talk about the proof that stories work and how they applied this to their businesses. Ready to start the convo and see how stories can work for you?

Talk To Doug!

Set up a 20 minute Discovery Call with Doug to see how he can help you and your team.

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Storytelling Training

In addition to creating custom training programs, I am a member of Anecdote’s global storytelling network, licensed to deliver their “best in the world” storytelling programs.

These training programs can be delivered virtually or in person.  

There are 4 core programs: