Meet Doug Keeley

“Brand Storytelling” has been all the rage for the last few years. 

I have been a business storyteller since I worked on my first conference at age 16. In my 20s I opened what grew into a large global communications agency, working with Fortune 500 companies to help them tell stories and not just dump information on people.My company produced thousands of events and I saw PowerPoint take over. I also learned that in a typical audience, different people like different things, so having one guest speaker with one story is very risky. And even great speakers rarely caused any behaviour change. 

In 2004 I decided it was time to take on a new challenge: to get business storytelling back into my clients’ cultures and into conferences. I would help them make storytelling a strategic tool in their business,

I have built a library of almost 100 amazing video stories which I narrate live onstage to create an experience that no other speaker does. These stories are about people, companies and ideas that have changed the world. They blow people’s minds. I select the most appropriate for every audience and tie them tightly to the conference message. 

My clients often bring me back many times because I can change the stories to give a new experience, but add value because I learn their business and get to know their people.

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