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3 Ways to Make Any Presentation Better with Stories

You know we are endlessly passionate about using stories in presentations instead of “blah blah” talking to slides. Here are three simple ways to use stories in any presentation to any audience:

1) A personal story
Some people say open with a joke, but our experience is that you had better make sure it is funny and people have not heard it, or you will bomb.

It is better to use a personal story – what we call a Connection Story – which gives the audience insight into you and your experience – why they are listening to you.

It could be a mentor moment where a coach or teacher or former boss impacted you. It might be a big “aha” moment that is relevant. It might even be something stupid that you did from which you learned something relevant to your audience.

2) A metaphor
Using a powerful metaphor can make your message memorable. This can take many forms. We often use this story ( to set up the idea of two people having completely different stories in their heads about what is going on. It gets a laugh, but also shows the idea that we all see the world differently. 

3) An example of the outcome you want
Instead of making the outcome theoretical, tell a story that shows it in action. For example, we have a client who had trouble getting shortened development time with their product development teams. They saw our Pit Stop story at a conference and used it to show how another team (Ferrari) had changed their thinking and improved their process considerably.  When his team saw that it could be done, it changed their thinking, and it has dramatically improved their performance.

Remember, there are endless stories on the Internet – written, video, audio. There is no excuse for a boring data dump. Looking for more info? Talk to Doug!

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